Friday, August 12, 2016

Council Confirms Allentown Mayor Above The Law

The Morning Call:
Official Allentown vehicles, including mayor's car, exempt from street sweeper rules
"Parking records show that Pawlowski's city vehicle has gotten 18 parking tickets in the last two and a half years — 12 for street sweeping violations.... Allentown Council unanimously passed the new law without debate. President Ray O'Connell said that the legislation was "long overdue."... Pawlowski said he has not researched how many parking tickets he has received, but recalled getting them for street cleaning and meter violations... "I wish I had paid better attention to parking signs, but I am often in a hurry and late for meetings,"

I can understand certain circumstances for city workers while on the job..

You got to be kidding !!!!!!

Could somebody explain to me why we have a "city council" in the first place. Why not just eliminate this charade as if they were providing some kind of government oversight. At this point why not eliminate the mayor and vote in an outside firm to represent us for the position of managing director while we're at it. Outsource the whole damn lot of them.


  1. This makes me so mad. Can I quote the Morning Call article?

    'Messinger said that the city didn't pass the street sweeping exemption until now because the thinking was that any car, even a city-issued one, blocked street sweepers from doing their job. "Obviously, we want to clean the streets," he said.'

    And that same logic still applies, but there is no follow up to that statement in the article. This is just disappointing.

  2. BiIII 4:36:00 PM said, "This makes me so mad."

    Yes it is frustrating


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