Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Are We The Most Corrupt State?

No, but we're trying...

"The Democrat has belatedly reported receiving $160,000 worth of gifts from friends, including a new $45,000 roof on his home and Eagles sideline passes... Besides sideline passes for Eagles games from 2011 to 2015, the gifts included $20,800 in free airfare and lodging for vacations to Key West, Las Vegas, Virginia, and the Dominican Republic, as well as $2,930 in Phillies and 76ers tickets, Philly.com reported."
Keep in mind it's his job to keep the rest of us on the straight and narrow. Whether this turns out to be legal or not, it stinks. If he had any ethics he wouldn't have accepted these "gifts" in the first place. I'd think with his weekly salary of $3,376 he could pay for his own roof and vacations like the rest of us.

In some states he'd be in trouble with the state's attorney general but we already now how screwed up that office is. Yesterday (08/15/2016) Kathleen Kane was found guilty on all nine counts because of her own misdoings.

(08/02/2015) Trib Live.com: Pa. breeding ground for corruption, experts say
"By mid-2012, eight of Pennsylvania's former legislative leaders were in prison, and former House Speakers John Perzel, a Republican, and Bill DeWeese, a Democrat, briefly shared a cell. They were among more than 30 public officials with ties to the state Capitol who had been convicted of corruption charges by state, federal and local prosecutors. It never ended.

Since 2013, 11 state officials — including five former legislators and former Treasurer Rob McCord — have been convicted in cases ranging from bribery and extortion to theft. In many cases, they agreed to plea bargains and offered pleas to conflict of interest. McCord pleaded guilty in February to extortion. There appears to be no end in sight"

Then we have that whole missing Center County DA Ray Gricar thing back in April 2005.

It seems almost every time we vote or prosecute 10 of these slimeballs out of office 10 more are waiting in line to replace them. No wonder nationally less then 50% vote in presidential elections and far fewer in state and local

Where are the honest people?
Maybe it's like George Carlin once said...

He may have been a curmudgeon, but there's a certain grain of truth behind his words.

Although Pennsylvania ranks 5th in corruption doesn't mean we've given up trying to move further up the list.

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