Friday, August 5, 2016

Are We Hardwired To Our Habits And Beliefs?

Several studies suggest we are.

Daily Mail: "Alcoholism may be genetic, a new study claims." In 2013 the Pew Research Center reported "a research team found that genes likely explain as much as half of why people are liberal or conservative, see the world as a dangerous place, hold egalitarian values or embrace hard-core authoritarian views."

I tend to think of it this way. A computer's basic hardware is designed to first get it up and running before it's installed software begins to run. Humans may not be so different. DNA not only stores the patterns of how our brains will form but also is capable of recreating patterns of learned experiences from past humans as we continue to evolve as a species.

This is not as far out as it first may seem. Present day developers are experimenting with DNA computing-- "a branch of computing which uses DNA, biochemistry, and molecular biology hardware, instead of the traditional silicon-based computer technologies."

This leads us to two lines of reasoning. (1) Oh well this is the way stuff happens or (2) we just may be the product of a higher intelligence similar to what present day developers are trying to accomplish with their experimenting with DNA computerization. If it be the latter it further leads us to questioning just how much latitude humans are allowed to have with their self determination?
Can a computer (humans) be programmed in such a way as it thinks it's self determining and alive?
Can a computer (humans) ever supersede beyond it's creator(s) design or have safeguards been put into place?
Can a computer (humans) be capable of recognizing it's true self as nothing more then a manifestation of some higher being's science project or part of some virtual reality game with predetermined outcomes?

Recent researches into biogenetic DNA research & engineering indicates these are not unreasonable questions to ask.

Perhaps one day these engineered creations of ours may be asking themselves these same questions.

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