Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Anybody Else Experiencing Computer Insanity


A few posts ago I discussed my experience trying to log on to Social Security. To make a long story short I tried again today. It said I was still locked out. So I tried to create a new account anyway. It said I already had one so I tired clicking on resetting my password despite this. After I did that, it unlocked me and worked just fine. Since the wife had the same exact problem we did hers on her computer in the exact way and it totally failed.

What the hell is going on!

Two days ago my 'Windows Live' email went completely whacko on me and refused to connect with my accounts. I attempted to import my accounts from the backup files I created after first deleting each account. Same thing. Next I decided to delete all the accounts reconfiguring them from scratch. So far it seems to work fine. I used this program for years and never had this problem. What the hell are they doing!

It seems these days I'm spending more time trying to get things to work rather then using them. Over the last few weeks our Wells Fargo & BB&T bank accounts also required a certain amount of jumping through hoops to get them to work as well. At this point I believe hackers have a better shot at my and the wife's accounts on her computer then we do.

Today I read how Windows 10 operating system users got whacked too.

These IT clowns need to stop screwing around with what works. These people are creating more problems then any malware ever could. They need to knock it off. They are constantly changing things, not me. Looks like I'm not alone.

I came across this video on FaceBook

This BS Needs To Stop !

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