Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Word About Allentown Pools

This is the second time the wife was down at Cedar Beach on a few sunny days ago with the granddaughters and said not a single person was working on the pool rebuild.

The picture you see is what it once looked like. Both she and I suspect before it's all said and done there might not even be a pool. Instead yet another spray park.

When the apartment complex I worked at decided to build a new set of apartments the pool was in installed within a month start to finish. It doesn't take two years. In fact it took Dorney Park less then one year for the original "Wildwater Kingdom" to be introduced in 1985.

Allentown once had eight pools. Now we're down to four assuming the Cedar Pool ever gets completed.

The press and city is making a big deal about reduced and free swims on hot days. At one time everyday was a free day at the former Fountain Park pool which now instead has become a homeless shelter in the winter. Right next to it use to be the Allentown Boy's Club for inner city youth. At the current time we don't a have a single pool serving downtown youth. What's going on with this city's pools is egress, not progress.

I challenge anyone to go down to Cedar Beach's pool rebuild and see if they can spot any real work going on. I'd think four or five guys with pickaxes, shovels and a rented backhoe could have had this done by now. Hell it took about the same time to build the entire 5 acre arena as has been for the work on this pool. If this city paid Butz (the arena contractor) I bet he could have got it done in a matter weeks. Something screwy is going on.

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