Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Bit Of History Adams-Jefferson

Way back in the day when John Adams became our second president the vice president was the one that came in second by the number of votes cast. As a result Thomas Jefferson became Adams' vice president just like John Adams had under George Washington.

At the beginning of Adams term Jefferson in every way possible tried to undermine the president. Eventually Adams found all kinds of ways to remove Jefferson's supporters. Thus diffusing Jefferson's influence over him. In other words the two major leaders of this country were at polar opposites when it came to how governing should be put forth for this new nation.

During their dueling campaigns one could say this was the earliest beginnings of dirty negative campaigning which pretty much carried on through the beginnings of Adam's presidency.

How we elect a vice president changed in 1804 when a 12th amendment was added to the constitution. This followed after the votes counted tied both Jefferson and Aaron Burr (members of the same party) proceeding John Adams presidency leaving it up to congress who decided on Thomas Jefferson after intense bickering over having to vote on 36 ballots to arrive at it's outcome. Eventually Vice President Burr tried to under mind Jefferson's authority and was later arrested for treason.

Eventually 12 years after Adams left office both he and Jefferson renewed their friendship over the next 15 years exchanging letters to each other until both their deaths on the same day July 4th, 1826. Coincidentally on the 50th anniversary of the 'Declaration Of Independence' both had signed.

Here's My Point
This nation has consistently stood on a precipice. Our fight with England, the civil war, world wars and the depression, each could have gone either way. So far either by good fortune or destiny we've managed to survive. I'd hate to think this generation were the ones to drop the ball in the upcoming election. Granted some things were a lot nastier then present but there's no guarantee we will always be so fortunate. This isn't some game Far too many have died already as a consequence of our past divisions. Let us never experience these same separations resulting in further bloodshed.

My hope is we're willing to put aside our differences in-so-much as we never ever again become violent once again as this nation once was. Make no mistake, as past history indicates, this nor any other nation is immune. Beware of such.

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