Monday, July 11, 2016

Yin Yang And Everything In-Between

The opposites of Yin/Yang could be defined in several ways. In science as electrons/protons. In politics conservatives/liberals. In biblical terms good/evil. The colors of black/white. However in this world nothing is simple. One force that does remain constant between the two is balance. Newton's 3rd law states "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." This is the premise I will build on.

Since the beginning evil or goodness has tried to overcome the other. For every steadfast believer in liberalism there is another who will match them on the conservative side. All mankind's problems begin when one becomes radicalized into disbelieving components can coexist in-between I'll give you a few examples. * None of our programs like Social Security, unemployment and labor laws could have never come about without the conservatives cooperation. Radical liberals constantly try to play conservatives as the boogiemen. When things go wrong or the programs have flaws radical conservatives paint a target on liberals.

* Radical Christians want to make war with Muslims. Radical Muslims the same against Christians & Jews.

* Some radical cops blame the public for the uptick in what we're seeing. Others believe cops are instigating it.
What each have in common is intolerance of the other as if this world only consisted two dimensionally. All problems arise when one extreme force meets the other. Scientifically speaking if we took the electrical energy on one side of a generator and crossed it with the other the resultant force would create a damaging short circuit. However when passing the current through an intelligently designed device it then produces something useful. In other words by eliminating the extremes to either side a good outcome can be produced.

Unfortunately there will always extremists in this world. It's just the way this world is and always has been at it's core. The question we each need ask ourselves are we the Yin, the Yang or somewhere in-between composed of both? Do we want to live our lives as extremists or doing something useful in-between the two?

Nothing Is Just A or B
Not all cops or those interrogated are innocent.
Not all religious beliefs are righteous.
Neither political party can completely represent their members views..
There are women/men and those in between.

Ancient religion describes life's travel through karma as a circle (much like the Yin/Yang symbol you see here) . You leave at the top. Travel through the circle ending up on the opposite side from which you started. That religion is trying to tell people not to pick up too much karma (Yin or Yang) on the way back to the beginning of our journey. At the same time warning us if we cut our life short (because of extremism) along the way we've not completed life's journey. Whether someone wishes to believe or not, it's still good advice.

Maybe they were on to something. Ever notice how all the galaxies, planets and suns are all circular?

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