Friday, July 15, 2016

Thoughts On Truck Attack In Nice, France

In response Newt Gingrich wants to give every Muslim living in the U.S. a purity test to avoid deportation. Donald Trump is calling for locking the doors and windows, building walls and if needed moats along our borders. Hillary Clinton phoned in to O'Reilly at FOX News for the first time in 8 years stating "One of my priorities is to launch an intelligence surge" None of these sit well with me. These kind of knee jerk paranoia reactions post risks to the freedoms we enjoy.

Evil Is What This All About
No matter how we slice or dice it each is making an attempt to eradicate evil. I've read a rather extensive piece at Wikipedia entitled The Problem Of Evil which discusses this issue in detail. Here's what I've concluded. (1) Evil can never be defeated. This is a struggle ever present since the beginning of mankind. If it could be defeated, after 100,000's of years of man's existence, it would be eradicated by now. In the present time we label evil as ISIS, terrorists, extremists or whatever. A rose by any other name whether it be Nazism, Mussolini fascism or any other whatever-have-you appropriate in it's time throughout history, evil will ever remain present

(2) Any attempt to defeat evil must be met on it's own terms eye to eye. In other words becoming it's likeness in order to defeat it on the battlefield would make us become that which we seek to eliminate.

It's all about how we react and deal with it's ever presence The first is to accept there will always be screwballs who walk among us wishing to do harm no matter whether from the outside or within. The second is to come to realization no amount of snooping or intelligence" can be a precursor to whether some big mouth will act out on their words or not. Thirdly, all the security in the world cannot protect the thousands of ways in which evil can manifest itself

Nut jobs will always walk among us. Avoid adding fuel to the fire. Fear and hate against one another only begets more of the same. Refuse those who encourage divisiveness and suspicion. Retaliation only encourages more of the same. The way to reduce evil is by not becoming part of it. Each has a responsibility (whether not to the creator whom they may or may not believe will hold them accountable) unto themselves.

Although we may someday fall victim let it be said we weren't a contributor in any way whatsoever towards the evil that exist.

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