Wednesday, July 20, 2016

This And That On My Mind

National Penn Conversion to BB&T
It didn't go well for us. The wife and I had to login to the new website. In my case I will admit it's my own fault. As part of the conversion process we had to give the last "5" digits of each of our social security numbers. Most of these conversions in the past required only last "4" digits.. OOPS!.. After three screw ups I got locked out which necessitated calling in to get it unlocked. The agent was extremely helpful The wife (I have no idea where she took a wrong turn) ended up calling in twice. These calls required a bunch of information. Heaven help if someone didn't save all the information in the letters they sent. All's well that ends well I suppose, but it was still a pain in the butt.

I've become oversaturated. Everywhere you turn these days almost everything is about a person's political beliefs whether it be newspapers TV or in social media. Be it Facebook, Twitter, TV programs or the news, you can't escape. Most of which has become more ugly and divisive then it was in my life span. The RNC convention is spending more time focusing on Hillary, the terrorists and refugees then promoting their candidate. What's with that?

Local Development
There isn't any that doesn't involve taxpayers dollars in some way. We are told one after the other there's some benefit to be derived for taxpayers in some way. All I'm seeing is developers, businesses, the city and school district making out while taxpayers and property owners promised a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow never seem to make out.

"Legends & Lies"
I've been watching this Sunday night series on "Fox News". Never a history buff I'm finding this an eye opening experience. Back in my high school days we we're taught little truth of that which actually transpired. Apparently this nation never was united as we high schoolers were led to believe.

YouTube Over The Years
Everyday I root through postings on Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Lehigh County & Lehigh Valley. At one time I could find a bunch of users posting stuff. At this point 99% is BS monetized business garbage. My how things changed!

Government & The Mob
Several years back reporters interviewed a crime family boss. In the interview he said he converted his operations into legitimate businesses. The reason he gave, it was a lot more profitable, less risky and easier to get in bed with government officials who create laws legitimizing his former activities. Something to think about when it comes to gambling, marijuana laws and perhaps the future legalization of prostitution.

Medical Care Facilities
Every two or three weeks another multimillion dollar medical facility opens in one area or another. There must be a hellva' lot of loot to be made and tons of sick people!

So Glad I'm Retired
Except for getting screwed on Social Security increases at least I don't have to put up with the kind of employers' nonsense they impose on today's workers. All too many are hired through temp agencies, called to work "on demand" and forced to join team oriented committees else facing layoffs and/or terminations.

TV & Movies-- The Messages Have Changed
At one time the industry promoted higher ideals. Take for example "It' A Wonderful Life". Rod Serling did a bunch of "Twilight Zone" programs which gave us reasons to pause and ponder the outcomes of our misguided directions. Robin Williams did several films which moved humanity to higher ground. The original "Star-Trek" series also caused us to reflect. Which moves me to question whether today's entertainment products contribute to razing our values or the further diminishing of them.

One final thought (for now). We always picture this evil character looking like a red horned monster as portrayed in horror films. If evil is to win over the hearts and minds of people the last thing it would do is instill fear.

Rather it would descend seductively as possible. All embracing with promises of everlasting riches, peace and pleasure to each individual to the exclusion of others not aligned.

Think about the implications this plays as part of today's world.

And maybe it should go with me as well

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