Sunday, July 10, 2016

Should LC Water Users Be On The Hook?

Cost for fixing sewer overflows in
western Lehigh County to exceed $200 million

By Andrew Wagaman Contact Reporter Of The Morning Call
"The Environmental Protection Agency named the non-profit authority and its municipal signatories in a 2009 administrative order, forcing them to eliminate sewer overflows by the end of 2014 or face daily, five-figure fines."

My Comments About The Article Above
First off "them" is us. Secondly is it we the toilet flushers or the highly profitable corporate users of millions of gallons more water out at the industrial park who should be held accountable ?

Although we've been aware of this problem for years the powers that be still went ahead and approved 10's of thousands of gallons more water usage for various companies at the industrial park. It is for this reason residential water users shouldn't be on the hook for one thin dime. Of course that's not how things workout, is it?

Instead we'll blame downspouts and developments.

Since the low hanging fruit has neither the money or resources to oppose large increases I suspect us residential users will be left holding the short end of the stick.

What else is new !

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