Friday, July 8, 2016

LVCI On The Shootings

* All it took was four or five bad cops to make it miserable as hell for innocent well intended cops trying to do their jobs everywhere else.

* There's not a doubt in my mind minorities are treated differently. There is a black trauma surgeon who left the Lehigh Valley recently who posted on Facebook his experiences. Over the past few of years he's been stopped while driving atleast 10 times questioning why he's driving such an expensive vehicle in his own upscale neighborhood. My stepdaughter's friend whose husband is Hispanic has been stopped two or three times a year and nearly 100% of the time at the airport when they go on trips. How can these people not become resentful?

* Far too many cops are being trained these days to escalate situations unnecessarily by screaming perhaps even shooting first. We need to train them to deescalate situations rather then escalate them. Citizens in foreign countries throughout history feared soldiers as they went about their daily lives. We are becoming all way too much like them.

* Forget about terrorists coming to get us. We are our own worst enemy. If I where to offer advice to our enemies it would be to stand down and wait.. we'll destroy ourselves without their foreign intervention if we don't wise up.

* Pray day and night as you will God himself isn't going to intervene nor some magic genie. Forget about it. No one can kill or lock up all the evil which exists in this world.

Wrapping this up in few words as possible let it be said I'm not too impressed with some of my fellow human beings at the present moment.

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