Saturday, July 16, 2016

Lehigh Parkway Allentown The 80's (Repost From 01/17/2013)

Whether folks approved or disagreed with it, the Lehigh Parkway on weekends was loaded bumper to bumper with teens hanging out.

The following two videos were uploaded by 'U Walk Entertainment' in Allentown. The videos cataloged the days when 'Arts In The Park' had an entirely different meaning. :-)

I'm sure today's environmental park activists' would freak out!

(These FREE concerts took place by the 'Iron Bridge')

According to the video description provided by 'U Walk Entertainment', 'Washed' performed on July 30, 1989 as part of Rock Relief for the Homeless in Allentown, Pa' Lehigh Parkway.

The other performers included 'Tangier'- "Big Fish Little Pond".
Mike Dugan & the Survival Band- "Nasty Nasty"

We filled almost 3 LANTA buses up with non Perishable Food Items, Blankets and Winter Coats and the event was attended by over 2,000 people.

"The Blissters" performing in the Lehigh Parkway Allentown, Pa in August 1985

Dem' were the days, eh?

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