Friday, July 1, 2016

July 2016 Shootings Report

Well that's what this started out to be when I gave up after the search became too exhausting. I had intended to compile a list for the entire month.


Far from complete each of these headlines appeared before 1:35 PM just on July 1st alone !!!

NY- 3 shot outside Gordon Heights birthday party
Pa.- 2 men found shot inside crashed car in Point Breeze
Owner of Brooklyn Pizzeria Shot and Killed Outside His Home
Del.- Woman Shot Near Seaford
S.C.- Male victim found shot to death on Charleston porch
Man shot in west Phoenix, suspect still sought
Chicago- Two shot in Park Manor
Woman killed on her birthday, 4 others shot in Washington Heights
Two Daughters shot dead by their depressed mom
Man killed, woman injured in Northwest Jacksonville shooting
Man shot in head in south Jackson
3 held after teen, 4-year-old shot on Grand Rapids street
Boyfriend of woman whose 4-year-old shot herself surrenders
Man shot in front of West Side store
2 teens charged after boy, 13, fatally shot in face in Philly
Deputy shot serving drug search warrant in Birmingham
Heber Springs Murder Suspect Taken into County Jail
Former Colts running back dies after accidentally shooting himself at car dealership
Man shot, killed during argument in Memphis
16-year-old shot at home in Eastlake
Allentown man arrested in double shooting

Yeah I know a lot of people won't like to hear this, but the truth is...

The Washington Post reported At least 265 people were accidentally shot by kids in 2015. "Kids accidentally shot people about 5 times a week on average" in 2015.

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