Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dark Energy & Matter- Wrap Your Head Around This

There's no doubt about it, I think too much. Hey but I'm not alone. I just read on one of my many news feeds the latest multimillion dollar experiment failed to detect any. Aw shucks :-)

This led me to the following two videos. The first a short clip attempting to explain dark energy and matter. The second a 45 minute presentation from the BBC.

I suppose when it comes to learning something about nothing (but yet still is) it will always prove far more perplexing for those of brilliant minds then I ever could hope mine to be. To think we assumed we had it all figured out by observing an atom until the 60s. This is when it was discovered the atom itself gave way to even smaller particles. It's been a trip down the Hobbit hole ever since.

Check out this 5 minute video which leads me to question whether dark matter actually exist or is it nothing more then a product of our conscious influence over attempts to observe it?

Crazy stuff, eh !,

I'll take this one final step further. Some theorists in the field of quantum physics suggest by merely observing we participate in the process for that in which we seek answers. If this is true it would become the melding between religion and science. Religion says we were created in the image of God (the creator). If so it would mean we are part of the process in a never ending creation. Thus there never will be a final solution found to our unending search because the goal posts will always remain beyond reach.

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