Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Another Day Another Bank- Sick Of It All

KeyCorp is swallowing up First Niagara bank. National Penn is changing over to BB&T. And so it goes on and on. I'm on my fourth bank never having changing a one on my own.

Not being one to have all my eggs in one basket my finances are spread between four different banking institutions As a result I'm forced to go through this crap nearly every year.

Two years ago I tried to make my usual yearly partial withdrawal from my 401K. No dice. Since it's dollar value fell below a certain threshold they forced me to go through hoops moving it to one of their other funds. This meant I had to jump through even more hoops enabling me to be able to transfer it electronically into my savings account. A delay of almost a month. As if that weren't bad enough they spam me nearly every week telling me how much more money I could make if I moved it yet again to somewhere else within their maze.

Currently the bank where I have three CD's has been sold. I've received about a half dozen confusing letters with reassigned account numbers for each. This same bank also holds my wife's checking account. Since the checking account and routing numbers have now changed this screws up her direct deposit from Social Security. She also set up electronic transfers to my checking account at another bank. So that too has to be changed as well as where she & I will now have to logon in a week or so. Heaven help if they didn't get everything right. I can only imagine!

My online savings account changed hands just two years ago as well.

The branches we deal with have opened and closed and ATM fees we once dealt with have undergone changes. The printed check routing numbers will no longer apply either so we have to choke up a few more bucks for new ones. Thank God we don't use auto pay or it too would still be yet another obstacle to overcome.

Not to mention my credit card bank holders and all those changes I've had to deal with these past few years.

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