Monday, July 25, 2016

Allentown's Light Rail Service

Trolleys and more trolleys. They were everywhere you once turned.

Up until 1952 "Lehigh Valley Transit" provided what young urban planning hipsters of today refer to as 'light rail service'. Rather then go into a long post if anyone's further interested they can check out the link to Wikipedia.

There were a few things I thought about after viewing the following videos: (1) The amount of foot traffic. (2) I noticed drivers would pull over allowing the trolley to pass. In today's world some won't stay off train tracks even with gates down, red lights blinking and bells clanging. (3) I highly doubt drivers today would tolerate sharing the streets with light rail. Especially those on major highways connecting to suburban industrial parks. Without dedicated expensive right-of-ways along with electrical power for them (if we desire clean energy like those prior), it's no longer practical (4) All these trolleys had fixed routes. LANTA is constantly adjusting theirs to accommodate ever changing ridership yet still struggle economically.

Trolley Service in Bethlehem

Little used Allentown trackage on 12th St. and Gordon St.

Both Videos Posted By "1711and14"

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