Saturday, July 2, 2016

Allentown Stuck In Neutral?

That's the question Allentown's "Morning Call" raised
"Allentown will have to go on like this, potentially for months and maybe even through next year, as Pawlowski maintains that he's innocent and will not resign"

If it is it's not because of the mayor or the FBI's ongoing investigation. Voters have reelected this mayor time and again. Same goes with many of it's council and Allentown's school board members. If there's any argument to be made voters are unwilling to make any kind of change. As a result one could say Allentown has been stuck in neutral for years politically speaking because of it's voters or lack thereof.

Allentown citizens rejected candidates like Scott Armstrong, Bill Heydt and Tom Burke to name a few. These were people whose passionate views far differed from those of this current administration.

Though Allentown now has huge multimillion dollar monumental buildings dedicated to business little progress has been made regarding it's social infrastructure. Crime, housing and job opportunities remain the same. None of which has anything to do with the current FBI investigations.

Garbage In. Garbage Out
People may place blame on the FBI, police, community organizers, mayor, council or school directors, but the real source of problems Allentown faces lies in the hands of people. Real change can only come about if people can be made to realize they are what make up this city. Allentown's government, schools and image is a compilation of the people living within. The challenge in Allentown to move beyond it's present state is by involving people finding some way to get rid of those unwilling to participate.

A few ways to do this is by eliminating transient housing (overly cheap rentals), not ignoring the voices of those willing to work for decent wages, listening carefully responding to voices who express legitimate concerns while ignoring those who make a living off of funded tax dollars over some latest greatest BS nonsense in order to enrich themselves.

Back in the days those coming to and settling in Allentown weren't seeking a hand out or a leg up from some government program. They saw themselves as part of a community for the many years that lay ahead both for their families and businesses. Unless we can instill those same values any program or legislative action we take is doomed to fail. If we truly want what's best for all it starts with each and everyone. No more excuses !

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