Monday, June 27, 2016

We Need To Update The Bill Of Rights

The "Bill of Rights" was written on September 25, 1789 and ratified December 15, 1791 at which time they became amendments to the United States Constitution. A lot has changed since then.

Even our forefathers recognized it was important to make updates when necessary.

I'm not the first to question a need to update the Bill Of Rights.

FDR January 11, 1944

Roosevelt and Corporations

Thus began the partisan bickering over government regulations and where each political party stands unto this day.

Just recently a renter in Frisco had his rent raised from $1,800 to $8,000 a month forcing him out. Who but the government would be able to intervene?

In the 1700's there were no such things as corporations. The business sector was almost entirely composed of individual shop owners. One shot flint musket ball rifles were all they had. A shooter would be lucky if they could hit their target from ten feet away. Hence the need for affixed bayonets..

Recently a federal judge declared "The original Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the post–Civil War amendments (including the 14th), do not speak to today."

No matter how well written or intended our forefathers had no way of conceiving the kind of changes that lay ahead over the next 200+ years. The kind of changes they made were astronomical in their day. They had both the courage and conviction to do what they felt needed to be done at the time. If they were alive today I'm certain they'd want to add amendments when necessary. They're long gone and dead. Now it's up to us to do the same.

Just as the laws of the old testament were meant to bring order, they no longer applied to the 1700's, So it is today. The constitution along with the bill of rights need to both reflect our current social values, technology and nation's place in the world to achieve what our forefathers intended.

There will still be those who oppose government regulations. I'm here to tell ya there was a hellva lot of blood spilled when these patriots first came out with these documents. It could be said they were the first radical progressive ideologists in their day who called for regulations beyond anything known up until that time in the colonies.

I'm not saying we should erase these documents. Rather build upon them greater things. Our fore founders most certainly would never have wanted us to remain frozen in time. These guys didn't transfix themselves on laws and ideologies 200 years before their time. Neither should we.

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