Sunday, June 26, 2016

Other Real Quick Brexit Thoughts

* Britain as part of the European Union has trade agreements with 58 other foreign nations. If/when they pull out they will all have to be renegotiated separate and apart from those agreed to previously as a member of the European Union since none of these will no longer apply.

* 40% of the food in Britain's grocery stores is imported. Wholesale prices will have to be paid for with the differences between the British pound and the Euro currency when this withdrawal fully takes affect.

* There could be an exodus. For many investors, workers, manufacturers and shoppers it would be much like leaving New Jersey to work and live in Pennsylvania only a few miles away if the economy begins to tank in Britain.

* I had no idea Britain had it's own Donald Trump in the form of New York City born native Boris Johnson who has designs on becoming the next prime minister. Something the American media totally ignored in it's reporting.

* Donald Trump bragged it would be 30% cheaper to visit his British resorts. Yeah but that means he'd also be earning 30% less too... duh!

* Airlines travel fees are based on being able to fly into Britain onto their next destination as part of their itinerary under European agreements. This no longer applies. Expect higher costs and separate screening requirements. Same goes for rail travel as well.

All Euro's sports teams and it's players will be rocked beyond belief in so many ways.

* Angela Lansbury, Bob Hope, Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Frampton, Kiefer Sutherland, Elton John, John Lennon and a whole host of others born British made the United States home. Yeah you heard it right even Bob Hope (London Born) arrived in the United States when he was only 4 years old!

This whole thing about making Britain great again like it once was is total scam. What they're going through will be a precursor to the disaster which could befall the United States. I can only hope this year after the U.S. elections we not suffer the same fate as those who are living in England are about to endure in the days ahead.

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