Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Nobody Here But Us Earthlings

I went down this path before. Thought I'd do a revisit on this subject. Yeah I know.. it ain't healthy to think this much :-)

It's been estimated by some there are 300 billion stars in our Milky Way with some 30 billion planets orbiting around some of them with another estimated 100 billion galaxies for lo these many billions of years.

So where the hell is everybody !

Some theories are: (1) Technological advances made it possible to wipe themselves out in warfare before reaching into space. (2) Religious dogma or government over lords prevented their advancements into the sciences. (3) Their planets might have made life unsustainable before they were able to evolve. (4) We're more evolutionary advanced then any other planet for some reason despite these billions of years and the number of them. (5) They're so advanced they've been able to evolve beyond the physical limitations we're mired in and consider us not worth associating with..

Whatever the reasons one thing's for sure.. if they's around ain't nobody's got evidence of em'. Yeah sure some claim to have seen, been abducted or photographed space visitors. I'm calling bullshit on this. Show me one piece of physical hard evidence. All these years and there's not one piece of alien space junk. Don't even try and tell me about a government cover up. Governments are lousy at keeping secrets. Too many people with big mouths. It can't be done. We've had satellite radio and visual telescopes searching high and wide for decades yet nada..

Face it we are like guppies living in this fish bowl. A few miles beyond this Earth's our body's bone structures w/o gravity begin to deteriorate. Radiation begins to take it's toll no matter how well a capsule's design. The time factor to get from here to anywhere is impossible as far as we know in a person's lifetime. All these would have to be overcome for they just as it would for us. So far it appears nobody's been able to pull off this stunt.

Even If We Were Recognized
Civilization far advanced beyond our own could go one of three ways. (1) They are far more civilized then our own making them consider us barbarians unworthy of participating or sharing in their knowledge. This would be similar to star trek in nature in following the prime directive thus ignoring us. (2) Their culture was ruled under a total 100% complete totalitarian state which disallowed any dissention. (3) Robotic machines replaced their creators having no need any longer of food, water oxygen or other essentials required of flesh Woe be to us if it were the latter two.

Here's What I Concluded
Whoever/whatever the originator of intelligence is finds it's place in whatever is available merely as a reflection of itself whatever he/she/it may be. Hence has no need for mirror images to communicate among itself. If some wish to refer to this creative intelligence as God so-be-it. Hence there may never come a time we'll ever experience other beings.

There's no evidence anyone from our distant future was able to bridge time either. Since intelligence is a function beyond the constraints of physical time which is unto itself may very well be merely a reflection within whatever exist would also account for the lack of necessity for this intelligence to communicate unto itself in this way either.

If someone has a better explanation why no one's around I'd be interested in their explanation as to why not.

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