Saturday, June 4, 2016

LVCI: I Haven't Lost Interest In Blogging

But, people have lost interest in LVCI. That's why I haven't been posting as frequently. Just as well I suppose because I'm not feeling too great lately.

Back in February doctors determined I have COPD. So I've been sucking on the nebulizer three or four times a day so I can breath. Everyday tasks have become a challenge.

When I look back over 35 years of production labor and all the projects I did here at the house it's hard to imagine how I managed to do these rather physical projects on the house.

For hours after work I tore down walls, studded out, put insulation and 4x10 sheet rock on two floors entirely by myself, so I'm no slacker. One time I rooted out our entire property replacing the grass after a thorough raking. Dug holes after uprooting a jungle along our property line and planted 20 Arborvitae. Did countless repairs on my van. All of this would be impossible for me today.

Yeah I kind of thought this sucked enough already until last week when neurology was kind enough to inform me I have early stages of Parkinson's. The MRI scan is next week to determine how much. As if all that wasn't a hoot and a holler for the last 5 days I can't seem to stay awake, have even more trouble breathing (the nebulizer doesn't seem effective as it was only a few weeks ago). Chills and sweats that only a constant supply of Ibuprofen seems to help control. I'll try and tough it out and hope it goes away. If not I hate to think what the next shoe may be that is going to drop.

Up until February except for the broken wrist I never went to a doctor or dentist in 40 years. There was no reason everything was fine. I'm not a complainer. I've never taken a prescription except when I had the broken wrist either. Hell I waited 7 days after I broke it to see a doctor hoping it would heal itself. Yeah well :-)

Here all along I always thought I'd die healthy. Not looking like that's going to happen. What the hell went wrong!

At any rate at least I'm still able to blog. However far fewer things seem important to me these days as they once did. Nor do I feel compelled to post once or twice a day especially about those things which I hoped would cause people to change their views. One of the things I've concluded over these last eight years it ain't never going to happen. Hell it would be easier to move the PPL building brick by brick then change anyone's mind. Something I've got to keep in mind in future posts.


  1. feel better, don't let the doctors scare you to death. after 27, everything is pre-this or that. let me know when you're going to start moving that ppl building.


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