Friday, June 3, 2016

Came Across This Inspirational Project

All too often we are surrounded by negativity. Seldom are we exposed to the generous and kind acts going on in this world. This gentleman introduces us to everyday people despite having so little are grateful and honest almost to a fault. I linked these two videos as examples. The video's creator Varun Pruthi has many more featuring persons who's integrity matters more then wealth. Thank goodness someone like he shows us there are indeed good people still left in this world. Something I thought worth sharing.

"Bringing Humanity Back is An Initiative by Actor Varun Pruthi to bring Happiness and Difference in the Lives of Under Privileged... Through this Cause we help Under Privileged kids / Adults / Blind Schools / Disabled homes / Old age homes / Charity Schools / Orphanages."

Many more inspirational videos on YouTube by Actor Varun Pruthi
Actor Varun Pruthi On FaceBook
Bringing Humanity Back Official Web Site

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