Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Few Beefs I Have

The first I have concerns driving. Although I may not be on the road too often I've come across situations the other day that ticked me off.

I had to take the cat to the vet. The drive was 15 minutes both ways and less then 10 miles yet I encountered two jerks. The first was out on route 100 when I had to turn into the driveway at the vet's office. It is a shared one lane driveway. Coming up behind me was a tractor trailer driver who continued accelerating behind me despite having my turn signal and brake lights on. Lucky for me no one was coming out of the driveway which would have forced me to stop. Fortunately I was able to complete my turn Without a doubt if I would have been forced to stop this asshole would have crashed into me, my wife and the cat I had in my back seat.

The second occurred after leaving the vet. I was at a three way intersection waiting to pull out. The other drivers had no stop sign and had their directional signals on to turn. I don't know about anyone else but turn signals are no guarantee. The late father in law was famous for forgetting to his off. I never pull out until I'm sure they're actually turning. My delay meant no more then 10 or 20 seconds passed before the ahole behind me started laying on their horn.

So in essence I spent no more then 30 minutes total on the road and ran across two idiots. It's one thing to practice defensive driving. Another to be victimized. No wonder area highways are shutdown while people are killed and injured everyday throughout the Lehigh Valley. Far too many idiots behind the wheel thinking they'll be saving a few seconds end up spending far more time, money all the while risking physical injury unto themselves is one thing but involving other drivers just pisses me off.

The other beef I have is with people turning everything and anything into a political argument. Honestly some people can take clothes hanging out on a wash line as a matter for political argument. Can we knock it off already !!!

The same crazy kind of stuff going on between people worldwide regarding "They" and "Us". No one seems to want to accept anyone. People seem to group behind one cause or another opposed in some tribal manner against anything or anyone they've attached themselves to over another. What the hell's with that?

Is there, was there or will there ever come a time people will ever come to realize their commonality?

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