Friday, May 20, 2016

We're On The S*!t List Again!

For weeks we've not been harassed. Unfortunately about five days ago it's become apparent our telephone number once again been sold to one or more telemarketers.

Forget about the state or federal 'do not call' lists they don't work. Last year the trade commission even held a competition seeking a solution. So it's obvious even they have given up.

I've used call blocking. Yeah good luck with that. These guys have dozens of phony numbers they each use. At one point I blocked 20 numbers and they still got through. I've point blank confronted them numerous times to no avail.

At this point we're getting from 2-5 calls a day after receiving none for a month or two.

Our phony baloney government could easily pass legislation requiring telecom companies to block them. Try and tell me a telecom can't see a couple of thousand robocalls going out per hour from the same company and not suspect some ahole's not abusing their system. It's all about Profits!

Here's something that might work..

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