Monday, May 16, 2016

This Nation Cannot Survive Today's Corruption (REPOST)

Reposted from May 9, 2015

Recycling Scam: $14M In Illegal Refunds
DaVita to pay $450 mln in Medicare fraud lawsuit over wasted drugs
Senator Menendez’ Co-conspirator Charged With Medicare Fraud
FBI alleges Medicare fraud at ManorCare chain
Dentist pleads guilty in $21 million Medicaid fraud
Banned from Medicare, still billing Medicaid
Busy Day In Philadelphia for Medicare and Medicaid Fraud
Newest Tax Fraud Threat? Your Payroll Tax
State Fraud Investigator Accused Of Mortgage Fraud
Ex-JPMorgan adviser charged in $20M fraud
IRS Struggles to Help Victims of Identity Fraud
Wells Fargo Bankers Accused of Fraudulent Behavior
Tax preparer charged with $7M in fraud

I could infinitely go on.

These are only a few quick things I came up with on a search of Google over a month's period of time. I don't care how may laws are made we cannot legislate ethics nor morality.

It matters not whether corruption comes at the hands of leaders in religion, business, political office, education, those receiving government benefits, medical professionals or anyone else. There's far too many screwing the pooch.

There shall come a time in the not too distant future this house of cards will collapse if people don't knock it off!

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