Friday, May 27, 2016

Renters Insurance Won't Cover This!

New York Daily News: Girlfriend of Michigan man who blowtorched squirrel, burned down apartment complex on the hook for $2 million -- "Even though Barbara Pellow was asleep when her beau, Khek Chanthalavong, fired up the fiery tool just outside of their Holland Township home, she’s liable for destruction because her name is on the lease, according to a Tuesday court ruling, WZZM reported."

I checked this out. Most policies are capped far below this amount and wouldn't cover this kind of act in the first place. Although the apartment owner had insurance apparently his company went after her.

I have two thoughts here. Number one I never earned that much over my lifetime. Second thought is.. she'd been better off buying a home. Had this happened I very much doubt she'd be on the hook for that amount of loot even if her insurance denied payment. Something to consider if someone thinks renting may be a better financial alternative.

I wonder if they're still dating?

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