Tuesday, May 17, 2016

News Roundup (05/17/2016)

Items I came across recently in the news which interested me and thought maybe you too.

New York Times: ‘Hamilton’ Takes Steps to Limit the Resale of Its Tickets-- "... by capping the number of tickets that could be purchased per person... last-minute buyers must go directly from the box office into the theater. The hope is to reduce the role of line-sitters paid to camp overnight."

Road & Track: Tesla Owner Claims Model S Crashed Itself Into Trailer After Being Parked-- "Tesla Motors claims it was an inadvertent activation of Summon self-parking... It allows drivers to pull their cars in or out of a parking spot remotely."

Bill Berenson (Fort Worth Juris Doctor degreed Attorney): Who is Liable When an Automatic Car Crashes into You?-- "The manufacturer might also be liable for defects, but might have a good defense that the driver ultimately remains responsible for controlling the vehicle."

Bloomberg: Wall Street Bets on a Democrat for the First Time Since 2008-- "Clinton gathered almost 70 cents of every $1 spent in the presidential race by employees of the six biggest U.S. banks in the first quarter, according to data compiled by Bloomberg Government based on Federal Election Commission reports."

Raw Story: Nevada Democrats defend exclusion of Bernie convention delegates-- "“Of these 64 Delegates and Alternates, six were allowed to be seated after their appropriate information was provided and 58 were denied..."

MSNBC-Morning Joe:
Democratic Primary System Rigged Against Voters
Published on Apr 11, 2016

The Original Video In it's Entirety Can be Found HERE

Posthumously Elect Geo. Carlin President In 2016

George Carlin Died In June 2008.
Hard to believe he didn't speak these words just a few days ago.

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