Sunday, May 15, 2016

News Roundup (05/15/2016)

Items I came across recently in the news which interested me and thought maybe you too.

WFMZ: Proposed wind farm draws controversy in Carbon County-- "Some residents have already come out in opposition... An online petition on has nearly 300 signatures."

Daily Mail: Germany PAYS people to use electricity: Excess energy created by wind and solar power meant consumers made a profit...-- "At one point, the sunny and windy day weather propelling its solar plants and wind turbines supplied 87 percent of the power being consumed."

U.S. Uncut: Nestlé Just Gained Control Over This Town’s Water for the Next 45 Years-- "Tea Party Republican Governor Paul LePage of Maine helped Nestlé secure a contract that gives Poland Springs, a Nestlé subsidiary, permission to take the small town of Fryeburg’s groundwater for the next 25 years for their own profit. The deal could stretch to 45 years due to built-in extensions. Today that deal was upheld by Maine’s Supreme Judicial Court, essentially cutting off activists’ last attempts to scuttle the deal." That 'Google van' was actually Philly cops, watching us-- "The Philadelphia Police Department admitted today that a mysterious unmarked license plate surveillance truck disguised as a Google Maps vehicle... is its own,"

Daily Mail: THREE THOUSAND bags lost in just one day at Phoenix airport after TSA computer error (pics)-- "More than 3,000 checked bags missed their outbound flights in Phoenix on Thursday because of a problem with a screening system at Sky Harbor International Airport, officials with Transportation Security Administration said."

Meanwhile at Chicago's Midway airport on that same day...

Keep in mind these peoples' luggage is yet to be inspected.
I'm concerned a terrorist' could inflict more causalities on the ground then on a plane w/o the risk trying to board.

The Brussels Airport attack (03/22/2016)

Consumerist: Subaru Recalls 52K Legacy, Outback Vehicles (Loss of steering)

Car & Driver: Massive Takata Airbag Recall: Full List of Affected Vehicles "millions of vehicles in the U.S. from nearly two dozen brands."

Investopedia: 5 Of The Largest Car Recalls In History

Consumer Reports: Find recalls for your car CERN's Large Hadron Collider Is Back Online-- "In 2016 operators will increase the number of particles circulating in the machine and the squeezing of the beams in the collision regions. The LHC will generate up to 1 billion collisions per second in the experiments."

Scientific American: Large Hadron Collider Anomaly Inspires a Zoo of Theories-- "Hints of a new subatomic particle at the world’s most powerful atom smasher have inspired theoretical physicists to write more than 300 papers in the past four months."

PBS airs Genius by Stephen Wednesday, May 18, 2016 (9-11 PM)-- "Stephen Hawking considers whether time travel is possible; ideas include DeLoreans, atomic clocks, a giant black hole and a large swath of New York & challenges three people to ponder the likelihood of alien life."

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