Sunday, May 22, 2016

Musical Spotlight On 'TruthSurge'

From time to time I like to feature YouTube musical artists. I don't know much about this guy. According to his profile on Google, "I like sharing my knowledge about Christianity, playing the guitar, writing music and short stories. I also like Cap'n Crunch a lot."

All his many videos can be found HERE. They consists of his views on religion, demonstrate not only his amazing guitar playing abilities but so too his many voice & vocal talents. I've posted the following videos hoping to share a few of those out of his many I most enjoyed watching.

You Gave Me A Mountain (Elvis vocal cover)

I Love A Copy Right uh, I mean Rainy Night (Eddie Rabbit play-along!)

Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills guitar play-along

Will You Save Me? (original tune)

He composed and performed (via midi & guitar) everything you hear

Pareidolia (may console ya)

Example of his view of religion. Yes the music and vocals are all him!

Featuring over 288 videos including his original compositions, parodies & short stories

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