Sunday, May 29, 2016

Lehigh Valley Clancularius Introspectives

Since this is supposed to be: A Blog About Anything & Everything I decided to put a few "Introspectives" I have on my mind out there.

Hard To Believe
I hadn't really stopped to think about it but my step daughter has been a critical care nurse for over 15 years. Holy mackerel where did the time go. It seems like only a few short years ago she was going to Cedar Crest College. Now she's a senior nurse, single mother with two twins and home owner. It seems also equally amazing it will be 10 years in July since I've retired. It's a rather strange oddity that two years ahead may seem like a long time, but the past muddles with the reasoning of how time passes within the human mind. Kind of does make you wonder whether time exists at all or only consists as a series of human events. << Rather Einsteinian question :-)

Don't Click the 'X"
I just read today that under certain circumstances a pop up occurs asking whether someone wants to install Windows 10. The author claims if you don't make the choices offered and simply click on the 'X" that appears in the upper corner Windows 10 tries to initiate installation. I long suspected these pop ups are not what they appear. More then a few sites I visit pull this popup crap. Whenever these happen I refresh the site. If it reappears I leave. Programmers can make these things do whatever they want. I long suspected what these things appear to do and what they actually do are far different. Same goes with all the kind of update nags. I suspect they upload more information then they are worth. The old "if it ain't broke don't fix it' applies here.

Trans Bathroom In Schools
OMG your son or daughter might be exposed to someone else's human excrement or urine. How sexy. Here I suppose younger boys and girls both thought they had the same body parts. Ssssh let's keep it a secret until college when the parents aren't around. Laws are already written against those who grope or physically touch another without permission whether they occur in a bedroom, hallway or bathroom. Frankly I'd be more concerned about over amorous gay people in showers and bathrooms then some male or female who identifies with the opposite sex.

The Elections
In short they're rigged by both parties. In my lifetime I've never seen such low blow trash talking. Over the many years I worked I've always said no one ever bid to move to another job because they wanted it. Rather it was to get away from the one they had. So it is with elections. People tend to vote against rather then for candidates. Few people have ever voted for a third party candidate because they thought that person didn't stand a chance of winning. Rather then voting for the one they actually believed in they chose instead someone who they believed were the lessor of two evils.

YouTube Changing The Face Of What Works
I just got email soliciting me to join up for 99 cents over 3 months for premium content. This follows along the lines of all the other pay for content programming. Monetizing is a dirty word with me. I love singers, bloggers, vBloggers and other contributors on social media who do this simply because they love to do it. Slick polished content is a turn off. It undermines all of what made the internet great. People being able to communicate with others of shared interests with no expectations of profiting off of the damn thing. In other words, keeping it real.

Speaking Of Social Media...
The internet was born many years ago by universities, scientists and engineers as a common means to communicate and exchange ideas. I have no great issues turning the whole damn thing into a marketplace enabling people to get rich. What I do have a problem with is losing sight why it came about in the first place. A means whereby people could learn things from others. 50% of the content on the net today consists of trash talking useless content by both those who leave comments and pundit biased news organizations. Another 45% or so are those looking to make money. It's that 5% or so that remains to sift through making the internet worthwhile. In my view this is what's making it harder and harder everyday for myself to learn things and pass them along. Almost like panning for gold.

This Is Supposed To Be A Blog
A blog is what someone does to express those things which interest them and what's on their mind. Kind of a sharing themselves with others. That's what I've taken the time out to do today. It's also a place where others may be given an opportunity to share their thoughts. About the only reward (other then enabling one to speak) is to listen to what other people may think about what was said. As you look over this and previous posts you're invited to participate.


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