Monday, May 23, 2016


"The network on Thursday bumped the show’s latest episode for extended coverage of the Egyptian Flight 804 disaster, marking at least the third time this season that the show did not air during its regular slot."

My Comments About The Article Above
Either they want to be considered a cable news channel or not. CNN isn't alone. They like the other three cable news TV outlets should be called the useless 24/7 BS political propaganda channels.

'The Learning Channel' has become more like a so-called reality channel. "Syfy' like a B-rated bad horror movie site. 'The History Channel' has so little history it's namesake bears little resemblance to what they do.

About half of the other cable channels are doing reruns of movies and previous TV shows.

Point is, there are far too many channels having no real purpose for their existence. If an individual was unable to focus they'd be labeled as having a disability. At the very least a dysfunctional hoarder who had too much useless junk.

Bruce Springsteen- 1992

24 years later.. look how far we've come !

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