Thursday, May 19, 2016

Allentown Mayor Pawlowski At It Again

Allentown Patriots win legal battle with Mayor Pawlowski
Randy Kraft , Reporter
"But a very emotional Glenn L. Hunsicker, one of the leaders of the Allentown Patriots organization, is asking City Council to intervene, because he’s heard Pawlowski plans to appeal...

Hunsicker believes the mayor's action against his park is politically motivated. He accuses Pawlowski of carrying out a vendetta against Patriots because Hunsicker was one of the leading residents who opposed the 2013 lease of Allentown’s water and sewer lease, for which Pawlowski lobbied hard.... He said his family also supported the late Michael Donovan when Donovan ran against Pawlowski in 2013."

My Comments About The Article Above
In my opinion this mayor can't stand anything that has to do with Allentown before he got here from Chicago.

* He encouraged and supported the destruction of four square blocks of the city's most prominent business district. Most were privately held by small individual taxpaying business owners. The wrecking ball has leveled nearly every one. Most which have been converted to rentals owned by two or three developers.

* The well maintained historic elements of our parks have been allowed to fall in disrepair and deteriorate. What once were parks designed to find solitude are being turned into extended city playgrounds.

* The long held annual Syrian day celebration observances were banished. Fortunately Whitehall Township extended an invitation otherwise there would have been none in 2015. Ah but the Mayor actively participated and encouraged Polish day celebrations both last year and in 2016.

* Three swimming pools have been eliminated since he was elected.

* The mayor tried in earnest to shut down Queen City Airport so the land could be given over to development. Quite similar to what 'Patriot Park' will become if he has his way.

Does This Guy Like Anything About Allentown?
It makes me wonder. If so why change everything he can get his mitts on?

Bethlehem has done everything in it's power to maintain it's history from the ' Burnside Plantation' it's downtown stores to it's steel making history. Easton's leaders have tried to maintain it's canal museum, Crayola factory and state theatre. Here in Allentown this mayor seems to want to erase all remnants of it's prior history. Instead we are becoming like 'little Chicago of the East' or an extension of the 'Big Apple'. A town without character where outside planners and political appointees drift through much like those they wish to appeal not too unlike themselves.

I'm not trying to bash this guy. Rather what he's done with the place since he got here. So too a town council who have largely done nothing to oppose these changes. A local government who stood on the sidelines while Allentown's history, character and soul has all but disappeared.

All The King's Horses And All The King's Men,
No Matter How Much Taxpayers Money They Spend,

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