Sunday, May 3, 2015

PA Sen. Pat Browne Becomes Headline Of The Day

WFMZ: PA Sen. Pat Browne could face DUI charge following motorcycle crash
Express-Times: Sen. Pat Browne crashes motorcycle, under investigation for DUI Lawmaker stable after motorcycle crash
The Morning Call: Sen. Browne being investigated for possible DUI crash

I am not going to update this post whether he is ultimately found to have been intoxicated. Readers can follow this up on their own. What does amuse me is how comments left on these news sites rush to judgment and how partisan politics come into play.

What I will say, it fascinates me how people react.

If it were you or I most people could care less. Most likely no one would leave any comments at all. I've seen this play out countless times. Why do people go all rabid over public figures when they screw up but could care less when someone unknown wrecks? What's with this fascination over one life who seems to matter over that of another?


State Sen. Browne drunk when he crashed Harley on I-78, police say

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  1. Those Who know Mr.Brown are not at all surprised He was arrested again.With all the Hoopla about drunken driving regular folks are indeed interested.


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