Friday, May 1, 2015

Microsoft Edge, The Replacement For Internet Explorer

Is it just me?
To be quite frank I'm not sure what the this guy is even talking about.

It seems with each evolution programmers keep taking away more and more control from users. What annoys me is how programmers assume what I do or do not like is somehow based on my previous user history through some sort of complicated algorithm they devised.

To my simplistic mind a browser should do just that... browse. If I want to take notes or go shopping let me determine how I will ago about doing that. It seems to me rather then making things more simple they are completely headed in the opposite direction.

I find it offensive that these geniuses seem to think I need to conform to their way of thinking rather then they mine. More and more I find I'm being forced to conform to computers (which should make life less complicated) rather then the other way around.

Last week I bought an appliance part. This doesn't necessarily mean I'm interested this week in appliance parts after my purchase. Last week I may have checked out what a home sold for in my neighborhood. It doesn't mean I'm looking to sell or buy. Just because I wanted to find out about a disease doesn't mean I have it or am seeking treatment. Same goes for a myriad of other things I might have browsed around for on the internet in the past. How dare you make these assumptions !

How many of these will be recorded, logged and reported back to hell knows who for what purpose?

What Do You Think?

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