Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Quick Look @ Headlines Along With My Comments

'Molovinsky On Allentown':
EMAIL From Ed Pawlowski
(Concerning the Allentown School District)

In My Opinion-- I'm in agreement with what MM said.. "Do you honestly feel that these goals are not shared by the existing board, and the other candidates that are running?" (See also my comment there)

Should Bethlehem and Allentown be able to keep their 911 dispatch centers?

Amendment saving Allentown, Bethlehem 911 centers fails in State House

In My Opinion-- Dittos. I'm in agreement with Pa. state Rep. Mike Schlossberg.

Money-saving consultants have cost SEPTA $2.8 million
In My Opinion-- I don't think SEPTA can afford these kind of savings

'New York Post':
IRS’ overloaded phone system hung up on over 8M taxpayers
In My Opinion-- Many are hot on the idea that the private sector does a better job. Yeah but they don't do it for free. Why then should the IRS's provide these free @ the expense to other taxpayers who didn't call them? Is that fair?

'Raw Story':
Pregnant fast food manager fired when she wouldn’t reimburse money [$400] stolen in armed robbery
In My Opinion-- Sounds to me the crook made out better then she. So much for trying to make a honest living.

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