Monday, April 27, 2015

NBC Left Brian Williams Out To Twist In The Wind?

"Corporations want to put things behind them. If they make the decision to bring Brian back that doesn’t put it behind them."
My Comments About The Article Above
In my opinion say what you will but FOX News stands behind their people unlike NBC. I am of the opinion NBC leaks this kind of stuff deliberately When I look back over many of things said by FOX news hosts Brian's sins pale in comparison. NBC did much the same thing in abandoning IMUS when he was at MSNBC when he made satirical remarks. Much as they do with firings when it comes to their local affiliate in Philadelphia who has a history of turnovers are well in my opinion.

Hopefully Brian can develop a legal case of defamation against them. In my opinion nothing is leaked that wasn't meant to be leaked otherwise someone leaking such information would have been fired as well. So far that hasn't happened.

Is Brian perfect?
Surely not. Anyone who sets out to trash anyone of their employees is sure to find something that can be used to tarnish every one of them in some way.

Seems to me (in my opinion) this network is going out of it's way to be spiteful.

I tend to think this is more about the huge amount of money promised Brian and a way out of paying him. 'Variety' reported back in December 2014 rumors were Williams could have received as much as $10 million per year for up to five years. As far as I'm concerned this was a financial business move rather then that of Brian's integrity.

If NBC does this to their own it makes me question how their business model fits into their other methods of reporting.

All of this is entirely of that of my own opinion of course, but I wonder what others think regarding this?

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