Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Man For President

Bernie Sanders on Fox News Sunday (04/19/2015)

Now For My Thoughts

First off let's define the term "socialist". When Bernie describes himself as such he doesn't mean he favors government owned businesses nor a Soviet style of government as many may assume. What he means is more like "socialism" in terms of a philosophy where people are more equal financially among one another and in all other aspects when given the opportunity to do so. This doesn't mean he wants to rob the rich, but rather to level the playing field over the present system. A system which tends to stack the deck against the average schmuck in almost every aspect. These areas include the justice system, healthcare, worker compensation and all other areas where the wealthy & powerful have a greater say then most of the average John Q. Public. In other words defend the average hard working Joe Schmo from having less value then those who are well connected players.

One of Bernie's most important causes is healthcare. Yes he favors a national healthcare plan for everyone. So let's take a look at that. 'Raw Story is reporting Indiana's largest health provider ripped off Medicaid. That's the bad news. The good news is "In similar cases, Columbia University paid a $5.1 million fine in 2002 and New York University Downtown Hospital paid $2.1 million two years later. The three organizations face up to $100 million in penalties and fines should they lose in court."

I'm not going to go into them all here but much of this same stuff occurred in the Medicare program. So the problem isn't in these programs in-so-much as the thieving well educated white collar crooks who are attempting to steal from these programs. Insurance companies on the other hand don't pose nearly a threat. I'm certain if the crooks think little of stealing from the U.S. government they have lesser qualms from insurance companies.

Companies trying to make a profit are more likely to pass those costs along rather then dedicate a huge amount of legal resources to hospitals over billing them. Think of it this way. The courts are under the jurisdiction of the U.S. government. The same government who makes the laws and runs these programs. Who do you think judges favor when it comes to stealing from the government (their employer)? How many headlines have you read where insurance companies got these kind of settlements? They haven't. That why the government can do a better job enforcing and providing a more efficient healthcare system nationally.

Another of Bernie's pet peeves is how these trade deals were drawn up against the American worker. Bernie also recognizes the fact what the defense department wants it gets. He's not advocating for a weaker military but rather a more financially effective one.

I will not elaborate on and on. All I'm asking is that people look into what Bernie stands for. What he has done. Give him a fair hearing as to whether he'd be a better candidate. Forget your preconceived notions or what you might have heard and take a look for yourself at one of his many videos on YouTube. After doing that for myself I have no illusions. Most likely Hillary would not stand against the powers-that-be to any of which of this would be of benefit to the average citizen on most every level.

Realistically, could Bernie win?
     Probably not.

That said... I'm already sick of the presidential politicking which is still a year and one half out. How about you?

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