Tuesday, April 21, 2015

More Outrage Over Suggesting Cuts To Social Security

This time it comes from the rightwing leaning 'New York Post"

"I do not give Chris Christie or anyone else permission to lower my Social Security benefits, increase the age at which I can retire, or alter anything else about the government “old age” program into which I was forcibly enrolled when I was 16 years old."

"If Washington wants to take actions like these, let it ask permission from me and the hundreds of millions of other people who have paid, and are still paying, into Social Security."

My Comments About The Article Above

Even "Donald Trump Rails Against Cutting Social Security, Medicare During GOP Summit" If you check out that link he also speaks of how China is ripping us off under these trade deals. More jobs means more income which equates to more salaries going towards Social Security.

The short and long in all of this is.. any candidate that is not speaking towards renegotiating these trade deals or in strong support of Social Security I have no use for. I don't care if it's Hilliary, Cruz or anyone in between.

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