Friday, April 24, 2015

How Much Do You Pay For TV Cable?

Before "cutting the cord" read this first.

In order to come up with a fair evaluation I've taken an audit of the actual TV we watch monthly and how much we pay for it. I added up all the regular entertainment, sports and news programs. Then broke them down to the number of hours we watch each month. What I came up with was less then a buck a program !

I didn't factor in Service Electric's local programming nor the Phillies or the Eagles games I sometimes watch. If I had it would be less then a buck an hour for sure.

Now before someone gets all hopped up accusing us of watching too much TV I suggest taking stock of their own viewing habits. Also keep in mind we DVR over half of them. Thus are able to watch a one hour program in about 40 minutes.

Yes some of these can be seen streaming online for free, but well over half of the ones we choose to watch cannot. About another half of those aren't available either on DVD nor via other streaming services (like Amazon or Hulu) w/o purchasing a subscription upgrade. This may be fine for some, but doesn't fit our viewing preferences. It certainly wouldn't add up to less then a buck a show after all was said and done that's for sure.

Name me one outside venue that would cost less then a buck for just one person yet alone the entire family. It's fine once and a while to go see a movie, concert or sports game. Still there's no way any one of these wouldn't cost more then 10x's that amount for just one person.

So it turns our Cable TV is still a bargain. It only seems to be expensive until you break it down.

NO I do not work for cable TV nor compensated in anyway by them.

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