Saturday, April 25, 2015

How The Democrats Can Lose The Whitehouse

I'll put this briefly as possible. If the Democrats are intending to win the Whitehouse they can't put all their chips on Hillary Clinton.. PERIOD!
When It Comes to Foreign Donations, Hillary Can’t Cry ‘Right-Wing Conspiracy’

I said this for a long time. Republicans have been arming themselves for years against Hillary for when she decided run. They probably have more dirt on her then we can possibly imagine. They've had years to prepare. It seems the Clintons have so much baggage it would give king kong a hernia.

If Democrats are intent on winning I can only hope for their sake they are using Hillary as a false flag (to distract Republicans) over whom they really intend to run. It's still early. There's plenty of time to introduce an alternate candidate. If Demos fail to do so or this isn't the plan there'll be no boohooing coming from me when (not if) they lose the oval office.

I believe many Americans, are sick of both the Bush and Clinton families. There's 300+ million others in the United States to chose from.

It's time both party's wake up and pick a candidate that doesn't put big business interests before those of the average schmuck. Spend our tax dollars on foreign nation building while expending our military on such endeavors. This at the same time placing their own self interests and aspirations before those of the average student, American worker, retiree or their families.

So far none of the declared candidates meet this criteria as far as I'm concerned.

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