Wednesday, March 25, 2015

So Much To Blog About So Little Time

Headlines followed by quick comments...

Bethlehem Catholic bomb threat, Liberty and Freedom evacuations busy Bethlehem area authorities: My how times have changed. Throughout my three years in high school we had only one false fire alarm pulled inside the building. File this under what's that matter with kids today?

Nine of Pennsylvania’s 10 largest cities have more pensioners than workers: Allentown has 187 more retirees then current workers on the payroll. And no one saw this coming twenty years ago?

Texas- Man forced to pay child support for 13 years to girl he's never met despite DNA test proving she's not his: Any case involving child support I'd give it 9 to 1 odds against the man in any domestic court proceeding. The biggest bug-a-boo I've always had (having been a victim of this) the women doesn't have to account for one red cent of what she does with the money. I, like he, found out years later the kid wasn't mine either. Yeah I relate to that!

Massachusetts- Homeowner finds house rigged with explosives set to detonate with flick of a light switch after his tenants moved out: I have stories too long to talk about here why investing in rental properties is about the worst investment anyone can make. Flipping properties, managing them for others or creating new ones for sale is the way to go.

Minor league baseball time limits will change the way games are played starting May 1st: Upside- Games will move along faster. Downside- The less time fans will spend at the ball park the less sales of beer, souvenirs and food. Then on the other hand maybe the ball parks already figured out after two hours or so there's only so much suds and food fans are willing or able to stuff into themselves? Either way I'm certain it's more about money then the game. What do you think?

Ted Cruz, who wants to eliminate Obamacare, plans to register for Obamacare: I can understand his dilemma. He's no longer eligible for Canada's healthcare system since he gave up his Canadian citizenship. Being Obamacare is the only plan his employer (the Senate) will contribute towards I suppose he does like certain perks the government provides when it suits his family. But not ours?

Kraft and Heinz to Merge in Deal Backed by Buffett and 3G Capital- "The companies said they estimated they could find savings of $1.7 billion annually by the end of 2017 through cost reductions and efficiencies of scale." : In other words 1,000's of jobs will be eliminated.

Your seafood might come from slaves : What's with using the word "might"? What's a consumer to do? 90% of the vegan alternative food is mostly made up of soybeans which are GMOs. Meat, poultry and dairy products contain steroids, hormones and antibiotics. Even the seeds we buy to plant in our gardens are most times GMO or hybrids thereof. I tried living off prana Trust me even an anorexic would give up trying to live on it.

US soldiers and contractors sexually abused 54 under age Colombian girls and even made their assaults into pornography and will never face charges.: Hey I thought we were the good guys.. what the hell!

Los Angeles man stuck in Mexico after identity stolen "For now, Montoya waits in Mexico. Authorities at the U.S. Consulate say they are investigating and trying to get him a passport, but that could take 2-3 months.": Looks like this guy is going to enjoy the hospitality of our neighbors to the South for a lot longer then he expected. Think about that you students who are on spring break there.

In short.. At this point I'm not a big fan of human nature.

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