Friday, March 27, 2015

Six Flags Great Adventure To Go Solar

'The Asbury Park Press' is reporting, Six Flags to cut down 18,000 trees to build NJ's largest solar farm

There's nothing I like better then a headline that grabs peoples attention and gets their panties in a knot on first read. I suppose that just to be the case when readers see a headline that says 18,000 trees are going to get cut down. But if people read on in the article they will see the park & solar company installing the panels plan to replace those trees with 25,000 new seedlings over seven years.

There are so many pluses it's crazy not to move forward. The park will save a huge amount of money on their electric bill. The property they are developing will be taxed at a higher rate. Best of all we won't have to burn cruddy fossil fuels just so people can get their jollies off.

When the solar panels generate more electric then the park needs it will be sold back to the grid. Oh and there's one more thing the article didn't take into account. Their electric bill won't keep going up and up year after year.

This is fantastic news. It's my hope with or without government help the private sector will bring about more and more of these green projects. Anything that helps mankind wean away from depending on gas, coal and oil is a good thing.

No matter how it's done the harvesting and burning of these fossil fuels makes a mess of our land, seas and air. These started being created and being used millions of years ago in the past from rotting plants and animals. Hopefully one day that's where they'll stay, in the past where they belong.

At the time these fuels were the latest technology used to make torches and kerosene lamps. Technology eventually moved on to electric for powering our lights and motors. The previous generations took the next step. If they hadn't we'd still be reading by kerosene lamps and torches. Now it's our turn. Failing to progress would be a disservice to future generations. It wasn't done to us. I'd hate to think it was this generation that dropped the ball.

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