Friday, March 27, 2015

Local Newspaper Screwed

'The Morning Call' said., More layoffs planned at Express-Times newspaper . 'The Express-Times' said, The Express-Times and announce company structural changes.

Whether it be either the Morning Call or Express-Times one thing is certain, neither paper represents the powerhouse they once used to be. Neither should be gloating over the other. If anything they should to be thinking about merging their resources if not each other's companies.

For so many reasons journalism has been compromised by both a advertisement revenue dependency and governmental influences. If journalism is to survive it needs to find a new revenue stream. Newspapers once depended on subscribers which is no longer the case. Failing to discover a new way to become largely supported by a subscriber based system both papers are doomed to fail. Whether this is even possible I cannot say, but without it newspapers will become part of a bygone era much like TV reporting is today.

If the print media is to succeed I suggest they offer less online content and go back to the basics luring subscribers back to their print publications with what information cannot be found online. Why would anyone pay for what they can get for free? Seems like a no brainier to me.

This doesn't mean they can't offer online teasers, but if people want more information newspapers should encourage people to subscribe to their print publications for more detailed reporting. If someone has a better idea I'd sure like to hear about it.

What do you think?
Can newspapers find a better model to build upon for their businesses enabling them to survive ?


  1. The newspaper in hand is far better than a random News Cast. That time when you have that paper in hand and can chose what you want to read is critical to keeping our people free to know and make-up their own minds. Freedom is having the information there if you want it. Responsible people keep up on what effects their lives. Otherwise we will not have our freedoms

    1. I posted a comment I received via email. Thanks for your thoughts. I agree


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