Friday, March 20, 2015

Israel Is Not Our 51st State

"An Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, reported that Boehner will lead a delegation of congressional Republicans beginning March 31, 2015."

Whenever someone such as myself dares criticize or question I risk being labeled anti-semitic, It couldn't be further from the truth. What I take issue with is the fawning over an allied nation as if it were a part of the United States. News flash. Israel is a country not one of our states. The way politicians are carrying on these days you'd find it hard to believe it weren't.

Conservatives in congress have raised a stink over domestic spending on our social needs programs here in our own country. Yet have passed through billion$ in funds targeted for Israel over decades.

In fact "Total U.S. aid to Israel is approximately one-third of the American foreign-aid budget, even though Israel comprises just .001 percent of the world's population and already has one of the world's higher per capita incomes."

Am I against such aide? Absolutely not. What I have a problem with is the continued criticisms that this country is not a strong supporter or somehow we are leaving them down. It annoys me when Boehner and the boys are willing to travel half way around the globe to become involved with other nation's religious wars which have been at each and others throats since the old testaments were written. Hasn't Congress enough on it's platter to worry about right here in our own country?

These are the same dudes who are trying to tell the President which side he should support in Iraq and elsewhere in the middle east. Just today 46 were killed and 100 injured in suicide attacks in Yemeni. The attack was against Sunni worshipers by a group of Shiites. What they fail to understand these nations aren't at war with each other. National boundaries mean nothing. It's all about which mosque they go to.

By visiting Israel and inviting their prime minister to speak before congress it serves to only inflame an already tenuous situation. A visit that will neither benefit Israel nor the United States by creating even greater animosity. In-so-much as congress is treating Israel like it were our 51st state it is a further determent to their security given the Muslim radicals' hatred of all things they think are part of United States. It will provide another recruitment tool for them to use against Israel.

Our legislators visiting Israel and waving our flag is like waving a red cape in front of a bull to these radicals . If we really want to help Israel we'd best leave it up to Israel itself to deal with the situation and stay in the background as much as possible without interference. I'm sure American voters didn't elect our congressional members to advise Israeli citizens. The way this should work is Israel makes various requests to the United States and we respond one way or another to those requests. I'm certain the Israeli people and Knesset aren't too fond of Boehner and the boys going over there and offering their opinions and advice either.

How about this. We stay out of their politics and they stay out of ours. We are two nations who have lots in common. The greatest differences are how religion is ingrained throughout the political systems in middle east and how our founders tried to base our government apart from it. If United States is to succeed in the middle east we must remain as far as possible from religious differences and focus on those who distance themselves from killing each other over them.

Most of the middle east is a swamp since the beginning of recorded history. A no win situation from which we should pull away from no matter who is slaughtering who under the banner of what religion. No one can save the world from itself under such circumstance. To those who seek peace, we should offer our background support. The trick is to sort out and defend those who want no part and those who do. No easy task.

The more we insert ourselves the more we become part of the problem. The best we can do is to remain strong, united and defend our own country. The role of peace maker has consequences. Those of the Christian persuasion and believe in Jesus the Christ can tell you how well that turned out for him.

The long and short of it is... by staying strong, being like minded in common cause, thereby building a strong example for others to follow and tending to our own business is the goal we should set for this country. It was what allowed us to defeat all of the enemies (Germany) who once overtook Europe. The same is true today. We need to focus 100% on our weaknesses and not be poking around other parts of the world who distract from who we are or should become.

While I have empathy & understanding to Israel's problems they are not part of the United States. They should not nor do they wish to become our 51st state. Both sides need to acknowledge this fact.

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