Friday, March 6, 2015

Climate Change Man Made Does It Even Matter?

It doesn't make sense to continue using fossil fuels when alternative technologies are now available. No matter the argument fossil fuels are not environmentally friendly. Who cares whether it warms/cools or does nothing to the climate.

There's little argument that fossil fuels lead to pipeline, highway and rail accidents. Drilling and fracking carry their own associated risks. Many home fires are needlessly caused by the continued usage of fossil fuels. There's little argument that air, ground and water pollution can result from the continued use and exploitation of these fossil fuels.

Climate change shouldn't be of consideration when it comes to arguing for or against ending the use of fossil fuels. Either we can move forward or remain stubbornly like cavemen refusing to give up their ways because of one excuse or another.

We have two choices. One is to remain ignorant refusing to progress. The other to move forward.

I for one have no tolerance for anyone not allowing mankind to advance. We owe that to future generations just as those that came before us. Failing to do such is a condemnation of this generation..

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