Thursday, March 5, 2015

Allentown NIZ A Shakedown?

The bloom is hardly off the rose and already the city's looking to cash in. It was recently announced Allentown restaurants will soon be ticketed for food safety violations and Allentown City Council suggests businesses start helping with police overtime costs.

Couple that with Allentown's NIZ likely to get new rules forcing future applicants to go through additional steps by requiring "projects to abide by new design standards,". In other words kiss our patootie if you're not rich and well connected.

In my opinion this whole shame is nothing more then 'trickle down economics'.

It was never meant to help small business owners or current residents.

Any business owners foolish enough to think they would get by with cheap rents may experience other costs which might outweigh the advantages of having them.



  1. I just can't believe the police expenses weren't anticipated. How is it possible that everyone's sitting around NOW and talking about police expenditures? This wasn't addressed in the planning stages??? It's just such a terrible indictment of city and state leadership to not have foreseen a more accurate need for police at these events.

    I mean, city council is right - this is a runaway expense. But the fact that is, council is completely complicit in creating this mess. They did nothing to stop this runaway train from slamming into the city with unsustainable development. Eichenwald gets a pass for being the only person who would question anything, but everyone else in city hall is a freakin' moron.

    1. Maybe not council but I tend to think the other players did foresee this an were just waiting until we were knee deep enough to start capitalizing. Of further concern is how all this police overtime will impact future pension costs over the long haul.

      As far as I can tell it wasn't mentioned if businesses outside the zone would have to pitch in as well. This would be a negative thing especially for the one's who haven't benefited.

      It also bothers me that the both the newspaper & TV are touting how much more taxes are coming from this 157 acre project w/o taking into account most all of it came at the expense to the other areas from which they moved from. You can't look at one side of the equation without factoring this in and come up with a realistic result to the net revenues.

      I'll throw one more log on the fire. If the hotel, offices and apartments don't fill up like gangbusters as we've been told they would, I'd be quite certain reassessment appeals would filed. This would not affect just the loan paybacks, but more importantly the school district's source of revenue income.


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