Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Favorite Music Videos

I've updated hours and hours of my favorite YouTube music video playlists. Nearly everyone of them are amateur musical performers. It continues to astonish me how may amazing performers there are. It's my hope you'll share my same enthusiasm. Out of all the things I do on the internet this is my favorite thing to do.

Feel free to visit ALL MY PLAYLISTS at anytime for my latest additions.

Previously I provided links to each list. Trouble was every time I added a video or changed the order of play the link would break & I needed to recode it. Instead it is much easier for me to ask anyone who's interested simply click on the link above because I add videos to the lists every few days. Thanks.

(The playlists with the most views are 'Pop' followed by the 'Videos Of All My Favorites')

I haven't been around as much as I have been the last few days because I've been loading all my stuff to my new PC computer with Windows 8.1 (which I am well pleased with).

I enjoy watching videos on my flat screen TV. The new HDMI cabling has improved my viewing 100% over my prior setup which used a single video phono plug type cable. The HDMI is very intuitive via feedback info from the TV enabling a much improved High Definition output to be sent to the TV screen.

Even though Windows 8 compatibility list said several of my prior apps wouldn't work, they are working great after a few tweaks. The only thing a bit iffy is my Word 2002 software. Even though it still works it takes a couple of extra steps to exit the program. Other then that everything is A-OK. So if anyone's reluctant to make the switch I'd say go ahead. They needn't be too concerned about things working out just fine.

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