Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cameras More Powerful Then Guns Or Rioting

While this film focuses on other nations I believe it would do well for everyone in this country as well to pay heed.

I cannot speak enough of how powerful a camera recordings can be. Every home should have them inside and out. All police should be wearing them to keep everybody honest. Stores, dash cams, streets and everywhere. There can never be too many. Video recordings now make it possible to eliminate the he-said, she-said argument in a court of law.

Speaking of the law. Here's a piece of advice
Never ever voluntarily agree to a police search. Number one, it is your constitutional right. Secondarily many do not know that if they give consent in the eyes of the law it is the same as a confession when it goes to court. Basically it will tie the hands of a defense lawyer. You see under the constitution in a court of law police/prosecution has to prove 'probable cause' for justifying a search in the first place. By someone granting a search they've given up those rights.

I'm not advocating people should commit a criminal act, but it's far too easy that something could be found in one's home or car they weren't even aware of. Suppose one of your idiot friends had drugs on them and tossed them under your car seat. Suppose you weren't aware of the amount of liquor or cigarettes you bought out of state exceeded the legal limits. Or suppose the used car you just bought had the scent of drugs in it.

Perhaps the best reason of all in not consenting to a search is the search itself. Even if cops didn't find anything in your car or home.. ever see what they looked like when they were done? Imagine emptying all your drawers on the floor, throwing all your books off the shelf, pulling down all your ceiling panels or emptying your car's glove box, trunk, car seats & floor mats littering them all over the highway. You sure as hell didn't think they were going to straighten all that up when they were done did you?

As much as people think they may have nothing to hide it's never a good idea to give up one's rights. By doing so it makes it nearly impossible for a defense attorney (no matter how good they are) to defend someone no matter how innocent they may actually be. Let's be real here, not all cops or prosecutors are totally honest. Imagine if you will that evidence was planted on someone. If there was no 'probable cause' to begin with the evidence could be thrown out.

By all means I suggest people arm themselves with cameras both in the home, car and on their person. This keeps everyone honest and this could prevent an innocent person (cop or civilian) of being unfairly accused as well as assist police in their investigations.

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