Friday, November 21, 2014

The World Is What You Think It To Be

I created these videos as far back as six years ago and for the first time will post them here on this blog.

I was inspired to post these videos for several reasons. Over the last year my wife's boss (and business owner) came down with leukemia (after suffering prior from thyroid cancer) and has had to deal with all the rollercoaster emotions that come because of these conditions. Currently undergoing bone marrow implantation at the Penn University Hospital the outcome over the next several months will once again challenge her & her husband's abilities to deal with this emotionally.

A fellow blogger (Sharon K.) who calls her website 'Pollyanna's World' up in Northeastern Pennsylvania was fighting her 3rd round against cancer this past spring. She also had a blog site. Because I've not been able to get a response (we spoke rather frequently in email) and now since her blog site is gone I fear the worse may have happened. Then there's the woman who works with my wife who lost her husband a few months ago to cancer and is also dealing with the emotional fallout.

For years I also followed and been inspired by Steve Schalchlin's blog 'Living In The Bonus Round'. Steve (now 60) despite given no chance of surviving his HIV infection first diagnosed in Spring of 1994 fights and struggles each day to make each day count as if it were his last.

"The Group"

Steve is a inspiration beyond words when it comes to fighting against hopelessness.
(His Early Diary Can Be Found Here)

Then only a few days ago M. Donovan started blogging once again under his blog now called 'A Positive Life'. It was then too I now learned Dick Nepon is also facing his own health challenges. My sincere appreciation goes out to each for sharing their most innermost thoughts.

All of this got me to thinking what each have in common. Each have caused them to begin reflecting on their lives and of nature itself. Perhaps by offering the following videos I made a few years ago they might in some way prove beneficial in their reflections. Let me apologize in advance if these videos fail to connect with what they are going through. Each must deal with things as only they can.

I'm not going to pretend to know what each of them are going through. However if ever I should find myself in their situation these videos I hope will provide some way of dealing with them for myself if that day should come. They each deal with perception on how we view things in this physical world..

3 Minds- 1 Awareness Part 1of3

3 Minds- 1 Awareness Part 2of3

3 Minds- 1 Awareness Part 3of3

What is Reality?

Words Of Wisdom

Background Music Courtesy of Kevin MacLeod
"Orion 300XB"- "The Other Side Of The Door"

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