Monday, November 24, 2014

The Amazon- Paradise Lost?

Mark J. Plotkin: What the people of the Amazon know that you don’t

According to Wikipedia.."Mark J. Plotkin (born May 21, 1955) is an ethnobotanist and a plant explorer in the Neotropics, where he is an expert on rainforest ecosystems. Plotkin is an advocate for tropical rainforest conservation.

Plotkin highlights the ironic marriage of natural products, indigenous wisdom, and biotechnology and details discoveries already producing leads in the laboratory: painkillers from the skin of rain forest frogs, anticoagulants from leech saliva, and antitumor agents from snake venom. Medicine Quest provides also background on the centuries-old pursuit of cures that ranges from the ancient Egyptians expeditions to foreign lands in search of healing plants, to the nineteenth-century development of aspirin; from willow bark, to the extraction of penicillin from fungi."

Mark Plotkin, Ph.D. is the President of the Amazon Conservation Team

Who's to say whether our technologically advanced civilizations or these so called primitives provide a better way of life or happiness for their families while alive on this planet.. One things for certain. These people aren't messing with ours. If so-called evolutionary advancement means we forcibly intrude on people to become like us it brings into question whether we've advanced as humans at all.

If the day ever comes that we make contact with a civilization beyond Earth we all better hope they're not much like us. If we can't respect our own kind why expect they would?

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